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Divination that involves the forecasting of earthly and human events through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.

Why Amit Ji ?

One of the reknown vedic astrologer in India, Amit K Shandilya firmly believes in "KARMA". He says, our present life is directly influenced by our own actions in the past and the problems that yet to come in our life can be avoided by putting positive effort in our present actions. Amit Ji always encourages his clients and helps them to find out ways to cope up with their problems.

His expertise is not limited to just Vedic astrology; he has huge knowledge in subjects like numerology, palmistry, and Vastu sastra too. His thoughts are not materialistic. He believes God not only exists in Heaven, God also have a organic relationship with our world. He says, our whole world is "Abode of God".

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What We Offer

Apart from the vedic astrology services, here we are offering you some more services.

One Question Consultation

Duration: As per question

If you are new to Amit Bhai then you can try our one question consultation. You can have any kind of astrological query in this session. Unlike orthodox astrologers, Amit Bhai believe in Saatvik (positive) and Non-Tantrik astrological solutions. The remedies are simple, easy to do, and have no side effects. These remedies have been selected from the original ancient texts of astrology, the Vedas, Upnishads, Purans, etc.

Vedic Astrology

Duration: 30 Minutes

Astrology is not a ritual but it is science. It has been created from our Vedas. Moon and other plants are there in the planetarium. As there is no photosynthesis process without sun similarly no buds without the moon light. In today's science, moon plays a very important role. It can even bustle the sea and water particle is a vital part in astrology. In my opinion if you take astrology as science then it will protect you similarly what umbrella does in rain.


Duration: As per consultation

Grehsthanam is a department of astrology which is slightly different from Vastu, I think its accuracy is much more than Vastu because in this we do this by adjusting the birth chart of the person and the environment of his house as well as the direction of his house. It seems that by this method you will get much more benefit than Vastu.

Sehej Gyanam

Duration: 30 Minutes

Sehej Gyan has many meanings. In our Sanatan tradition, there is mention of intuitive knowledge in both the path of knowledge and the path of devotion, but my opinion is a little different, in view of today's environment, people are more worried about their feelings and actions. Today there is a need for such intuitive knowledge which is already present in our scriptures, which we will say in English, How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence is a very big topic. Under this, you can contact me, how can you make your life easy through positive energy, and how you can live life in happiness by connecting yourself to God, in a very simple way, we and you work together.

Spiritual Remedies

Duration: As per the remedy

In today's era, various types of spiritual remedies are told like Jap, Jaap, Greh Pooja and many more but I believe that we need to just ask God for anything in a simple manner. Believe me it is such a qualitative emotional remedy in which just like a child gets everything from the mother without asking anything. Similarly we get everything from God without demanding. We can fullfil all our wishes but our desire should be pure.

Yearly Package

Validity: 1 Year

*Includes four quaterly consultation *Includes two sessions of Grehesthanam *Includes four sessions of Sehej Gyanam *Spiritual homely remedies
Note: The person who books our yearly membership will also be a member of our organisation Astroguild. 50% amount of your membership fee will be spend on charity as we have charitable hospital and some more entities.

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What Our Clients Say

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Raja Bundela

Indian actor, producer, politician and civil activist

“Amit Bhai is a very learned Astrologer his predictions are scientifically correct, I have great respect for him. Wish him all the best & God bless him with more powers.”

- Rakesh Roshan
Actor & Director

"Amit Bhai is a wonderful astrologer and a great leader. I wish him all the best and if you have any problem regarding your family or any other related matter please contact him. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Vande Matram! "

- Raj Bundela
Indian actor, producer, politician, civil activist

"Amit ji's insight on astrology is beyond appreciation. He is wonderful at his subject and a great leader to be followed."

- Yassmin Mistry